Saturday, August 06, 2016

Cyber-Terrorists: WikiLeaks Trying to Hack Donald Trump's Tax Returns (VIDEO)

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Julian Assange confirms he's trying to hack Donald Trump's tax returns, on Bill Maher's show.

Watch, at CNN, "Wikileaks: We are working on hacking Trump's taxes: Julian Assange told Bill Maher in an interview that Wikileaks is working on hacking into Donald Trump's tax returns. The Republican nominee has refused to release the returns, despite multiple requests from reporters."

At the clip, Scottie Nell Hughes notes that they wouldn't be hacking into Trump's files, they'd be hacking into the IRS.

Assange is wanted in Sweden anyway, and would likely be extradited here. I think a lot of folks think WikiLeaks just broke onto the scene the last couple years. But Assange and his cyber-terrorists tried to demonize and discredit the U.S. back in 2010.

These are bad people. Don't kid yourself about them. They're genuinely evil.

Shame on Bill Maher for giving him a platform.

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