Tuesday, July 26, 2016


A jihad attack took place at a church in Rouen, in the French province of Normandy, and cost the life of a priest, who may have been graphically murdered. The two jihadists who committed the crime were shot dead, but the tragic loss of innocent life remains.

The UKIP's condemned the attack, and said:
Party defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has said in a statement to press that leaders, including Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May need to up their game to defeat radical Islam. The former Royal Marine said: “This latest appalling murder in France shows that militant Islam is at war with the people of Europe and with peaceful religions.

“Every day now we have a new story of bloodshed and European leaders need to face facts rather than spend their time trying to convince people this isn’t a problem. Juncker, Merkel and other EU leaders who oversaw the mass migration without any security checks have blood on their hands.

“May needs to up her game.

“Normandy, the home of the D-Day landings where thousands lost their lives to free Europe from fascist tyranny has today witnessed a different form of fascism.

“But we defeated the Nazis so we can defeat these murderers if our leaders admit to what we are facing.”
The guy's correct. Any and all political leaders who vehemently refuse to do anything about the horror that's now engulfing Europe and elsewhere only ensure it'll continue to leave more dead innocents in its wake. They're going to have to start closing off all those enclaves and exile the barbarians dominating within them. For now, it's impossible to tell what'll be in the future, but we cannot let evil triumph by doing nothing.

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