Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Aaron Teitelbaum has again scapegoated Israel:
A months-long terror wave that has left hundreds of Israelis wounded and dead brought the ultra-Orthodox Rabbi of Satmar to say: "We are crying every day over the dead and wounded for which the [Jewish] settlers are to be blamed."
Here's a further explanation for this type of anti-Israel delegitimization:
According to the Talmud, God had Israel take two oaths: That they will "storm the wall" [immigrate en masse to Israel] and will "not rebel against the nations" [the nations should approve the Jewish state]. In a nutshell, for the Satmars these two oaths mean that the promises regarding the ingathering of the Jews to the Land of Israel speaks of a miraculous event spearheaded by King Messiah.

From this perspective, the settlements in Judea and Samaria, deemed illegal by the international community, are viewed as breaching the oath compelling Israel not to "rebel." Loss of Jewish life is a tragedy, doubly so when it is caused by "rebellious" Jews who are under divine judgment.

The Satmars' interpretation of what is known as the "three oaths" is rejected not only by secular Jews, but also by most Orthodox and non-Orthodox religious Jews. Moreover, though far from being self-hating Jews, the Satmars' blaming of Israelis for their own suffering puts them effectively in the camp of those who are calling for Israel's demise.
And that's why they're such a repellent clan. For one who take up an isolationist lifestyle, the irony is that they go by a belief that Jews should obey the dictates of strangers who have no business telling others how to run their lives. Worse, they practically condone anti-semitism with their selfish positions. If they're among the ones trying to buy out neighborhoods in Toms River, New Jersey, just so they can turn it into another enclave where living standards end up being low, then I fully back the residents who now oppose them. At best, they've been welfare moochers, and at worst, they're an anti-Israelist's best crony. No sane person should be doing them favors.

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