Sunday, December 20, 2015


To defeat the jihadist enemy we need to be focused and we need to use tools and weapons that target them effectively.

Trump's call to temporarily ban all muslims from immigrating here is too broad. So is metadata collection of all Americans.

We need to direct our efforts at the enemy or we will get bogged down in the massiveness of the effort.

Only profiling can lead to the proper focus.

We need to focus on muslims - men and women - who are 18-25, have ever bought multiple concurrent cellphones or called a burn phone, visited a radical website, gone to a radical mosque or madrassa, travelled to a country where there are many radicals, has radical family members, and ever been a suspect in a violent crime or been charged or convicted of a violent crime, or owns a gun.

These are the people who need to be monitored, as do all mosques and madrassas and imams.

If - as some of our politicians and many muslims claim - the radicals have "HIJACKED" their religion,  then they should FAVOR both profiling and the monitoring of mosques and madrassas and imams in order to uncover the "hijackers" and protect their "religion of peace" from being perverted by the radicals.

If they oppose this monitoring, then they are telling us that they want the radicals protected - and they are telling us that islam is not a religion if peace.

We mustn't let muslims have it both ways.

Either they are for purging the radicals, or they are on the other side.


AmPowerBlog said...

Right on, Relia!

Keep hammering 'em.

And Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

Reliapundit said...

Much love to you and yours and a happy Christmas and a happy new year to you dd!