Saturday, December 05, 2015


Predictably, Slott's back to his own ultra-leftist rantings on gun control, following the horrible jihad attack in San Bernardino. Here's some of his own tweets on the subject:

It's not the time at all to talk about gun control. Slott's opportunism is shameful. What we should be talking about, if anything, is how to stop violent ideologies from being indoctrinated into people who end up becoming savages as a result. Slott's ranting about gun control is disrespectful to many victims of any gun violence, no matter what the topics involved. He also seems pretty disinterested in whether neglect by authorities had any responsibility for the terrible incident.

And yet Slott had no issue writing Punisher stories at one time. Did he also go to see the movie from the past decade?

Yeah, and one of those sticks is Slott. He's just a stick in the mud who can't keep his mouth shut. If he's so worried about gun control, how come he isn't worried about border/passport control that failed to "vet" a proper background check for one of the jihadists in California?

Using a magazine that dedicated one of their cover stories to the Boston marathon bombers to make his points? I think that's very low. Oh, and look who responded to a rather inappropriate post of his:

Look who's talking! The same guy who made people mad when he retweeted a disgusting joke involving Bill Cosby. This is not the time to be making jokes.

I see French citizens looking at Slott and shaking their heads in disbelief. He seems to have forgotten all about last month's tragedy in Paris, committed by ISIS infiltrators. I also see Israelis here too looking at a fraud like Slott and shaking their heads in disbelief. He clearly ignored jihadist attacks in Israel like this one in the Har Nof neighborhood last year. It makes no difference whether the attacks by Islamofascists were committed using knives or guns, it's abominable. Slott goes on to attack the NRA:

I wonder to whom Slott makes donations?
Can't be anyone good. He next goes on to praise, most ironically, Mike Baron and Steve Rude's Nexus!

What, he's a fan of a tale that was basically right-wing and anti-communist, starring a guy who could fire his own form of energy beams, provided by an alien race called the Merk? And whose writer has been mostly blacklisted by the Big Two for 15 years now? Gee, he sure doesn't know what he's saying or throwing his weight behind, does he? And he said this in response to somebody's tweet declaring his take on Silver Surfer a spiritual heir to Nexus. Which, depending on how he writes it, would have to be a huge irony, wouldn't it? He then goes back to the gun control issue with the following:

Or were they? Using a cesspit like the NYT doesn't spell accuracy. As Matt Vespa notes:
California has long banned certain long guns that the left ridiculously calls “assault rifles” since 1989. It also has a universal background check law. Oregon also passed legislation mandating universal background checks for all firearms sales; it did nothing to stop Christopher Harper-Mercer from committing a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg back in October.

Moreover, yes, Gallup did report that Americans want more gun control, but if the editorial board read the whole poll–they would have found that 56 percent felt concealed firearms would make the country safer. Additionally, the Washington Post’s July analysis found that 57 percent feel that guns help prevent crime. As with anything with polls, wording matters. In the wake of Newtown, 58 percent supported a ban on semiautomatic weapons. Yes, Gallup noted that support for a handgun ban is near record lows. The point: a handgun is a semiautomatic weapon. It merely means self-reloading, which adds to the growing evidence that the media and the progressive left know little about the nomenclature of firearms, let alone the laws that apply to them.
And you can be sure Slott comprehends even less. The Washington Post, quite a liberal bastion themselves, says that the NYT's gone too far this time, and is actually hurting the whole cause with their one-sided reporting. Come to think of it, so is Slott. He might want to consider that here in Israel, guns have managed to deter some terrorist attacks, and Jerusalem's mayor has asked citizens to arm themselves for self-defense. But I get the feeling Israel's patriots mean nothing to Slott any more than America's. He's probably not even grateful to Hanna Bohman, the Canadian model who's now part of an army unit fighting ISIS overseas. And if not, then he has no business writing superhero comics.

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