Friday, October 16, 2015


The interior minister's cancelling citizenship for jihadists:
Interior Minister Silvan Shalom moved to revoke the citizenship of two Israeli-Arabs who committed acts of terrorism last week.

The first is Alaa Ziod, 20, who ran his car into and stabbed four Israelis in Gan Shmuel, and the second is Asraah Abed, a 29-year-old woman who attempted to stab soldiers in the Afula Central Bus Station.

Shalom updated the Attorney-General’s Office of his intentions, and gave the request to the Administrative Court on Thursday.

“There’s no need to elaborate on the importance of Israeli citizenship, which includes the duty of a citizen to be loyal to his country and for the country to be loyal to its citizens, the more so when that citizenship is taken advantage of to harm civilians and national security,” Shalom stated.
Not only did Israel's ministry cancel citizenship for jihadists, even France has been doing the same:
Last week, France stripped five terrorists of their citizenship, bringing the number of terrorists receiving the punishment to 17 this year.
It's good they're taking steps now to get rid of the same filth in their country. All those who espouse such evil should be exiled, and this can be a step towards setting up such a law too.

The Israeli government will also be taking steps to shut off monetary payments the PLO makes to terrorists:
The Diplomatic-Security Cabinet decided Thursday to actively counter Palestinian Authority policies by which terrorists imprisoned in Israel are eligible for monthly wages. In 2012, Ramallah's payments to terrorists exceeded 75 million shekels ($19 million).

The ministers have instructed Israeli intelligence agencies to gather information about the nature of such transactions, so that Israel may prevent the funds from reaching their destination, either by intercepting wire transfers or by seizing the funds from the terrorists and their families.

Palestinian Authority payments are usually done by wire transfer to either the terrorist's bank account or that of a family member. In some cases, funds are physically delivered to terrorists' homes, and Israel has knowledge of instances when funds were even delivered to terrorists imprisoned in Israel.
Stopping wire service tranfers are probably easy, but they should also keep watch for PLO agents who deliver the funds directly.

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