Wednesday, September 02, 2015


In  the West, Christianity solved the problem of personal guilt: one inevitably sinned, but could be forgiven if one sincerely repented and changed for the better.

The state of society was left to Caesar; the state of your soul was in your hands alone.

As postmodernism eroded the concepts of personal sin and hence guilt - (by arguing that morality is culturally relative and not universal, and that traditional social mores were repressive and needed to be overthrown) - they were replaced by collective sin and collective guilt: society was guilty of certain "sins"; therefore society had to be changed "for the better". This is the core moral argument for progressivism.

Liberalism in general - and its bastard sons progressivism and leftism - are attempts to solve the problem of personal sin and collective guilt. Individuals don't have to behave in a traditionally upright moral manner, or are absolved if they fail to, as long as they support to collectivist agenda to rid society as a whole of its collective sins.

These collective sins are racism, sexism, colonialism, capitalism, and traditional Judeo-Christianity.

Today, one can personally be guilty of any traditional sin, and even be guilty of personally transgressing a collective sin, but be absolved of these sins if one also supports the liberal agenda.

And the agenda doesn't even have to be effective at changing society for the better for it to be able to assuage the guilt of the liberal who transgresses.

This is how limousine liberals who jet around all the time and own huge homes and rent ginormous yachts and otherwise have enormous carbon footprints can still see themselves - and are seen by other liberals - as climate crusaders.

This is why they can support and want to mainstream all sorts of personal salacious libertine behaviors that have been seen as anarchistic and immoral by most cultures for most of human history.

This is the basis of liberation theology - a religion that puts personal salvation to the side and instead emphasizes collective sins and collective guilt and collective salvation.

This is why liberals blame society for the crimes individual criminals choose to commit.

This is what motivates liberals' desire to control healthcare, energy, CO2, H2O, and regulate all commerce and trade: they see the marketplaces which freely set prices for these things and freely create winners and losers as selfish, greedy personal efforts which create too few winners and too many losers. They feel that a collective overhaul which fixes prices and allocates resources from on high can fix things so that the price is abstractly fair and the goods or services fairly distributed to all members of the collective.

This effort has always failed, and Friedman explained why.

The goal of the liberal is not personal salvation; it is utopia... a sort of collective heaven here on Earth.

History has shown that these liberal collective policies inevitably create a hell on Earth.

So, why do liberals persist in advocating them?

They persist because it makes them feel good about themselves - regardless of what they do personally to positively effect the problems they see and regardless of how abominably they behave in their private lives.

Liberalism allows liberals to behave badly - to sin - in their personal lives and allows them to feel good about themselves becaue they support attacking collecfive sins.

Hence their support for a sexually permissive nannystate that feeds, clothes, and shelters them from cradle ti grave and even allows them drug abuse.

I think Bill and Hillary Clinton epitomize this at the current time.

They ar liars, cheaters, thieves and possibly traitors who see themselves and are seen by many liberals as great people because of their efforts at bolstering the collective.

But they are truly sinful and evil people.

One of the few truly collective responsibilities we have as a nation is national defense: individually we cannot defend our nation from external threats.

And it is no coincidence that liberals always attack this truly common cause.

A strong national defense perpetuates our nation, and anything that perpetuates our nation also perpetuates the West and Judeo-Christian Civilization - things they hate.

A key reason they hate them is that a cornerstone of this civilization - and the system of government it gave rise to after thousands of years of struggle, self government - is individualism.

And nothing is more threatening to a collective hell-bent on creating a utopia on Earth than the individual who wants to live his own life in accordance with how she and he see eternal, traditional and times-tested values.

Salvation is personal.

Unless you are a liberal.

Obama knows this and has spoken about it many times:

This is why fighting liberalism is not just a fight for our nation, for the West and the Free World or Judeo-Civilization; it is a fight for your soul. 
And this is why, if you give into the left, you have surrendered your soul.

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