Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Some GOP members organized a rally against the deadly deal with Iran:
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Wednesday predicted the murder of "countless" Americans and Israelis should the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran go through, a graphic warning expected to be echoed by GOP front-runner Donald Trump at a Capitol Hill rally.

Those Democrats who support the deal, Cruz said, "should pray and think very carefully about how they will answer the questions that come from the mother or father or son or daughter of the countless Americans and Europeans and Israelis that will be murdered by Hamas, by Hezbollah, by the Houthis, with the billions of dollars this administration is sending them."

"If you are directly responsible for sending billions of dollars to jihadists who use those billions to murder Americans, you can't wash your hands of that blood,"
the first-term Texas senator told reporters in the Capitol shortly before the rally began.

At Cruz's invitation, Trump will also appear at the rally organized by tea party leaders and pro-Israel groups protesting the international agreement designed to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Republicans and Israel say Iran can't be trusted because its leaders want to annihilate the Jewish state.
They're correct. Furthermore, if Iran's government is running a violent autocracy back in their own country, how can any sane person view them legitimately? And the US government should not be wasting the citizenry's tax dollars - or any money, for that matter - on an evil entity that's only going to use the money to fund more evil operations.

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