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Anybody who's a realist and knows how the leftist mindset dominating some of the Israel police would know that as early as 1997, there were incidents where Jews were arrested for insulting the false prophet. Here's one recent example:
Jerusalem District Police arrested a Jewish youth Monday who is suspected of incitement at the Temple Mount, where he allegedly repeatedly called out "Muhammad is a pig." The incident marked the second such arrest of a Jewish visitor to the Temple Mount for making the insult to Islam's prophet in recent days.

Police arrested the youth based on a video clip which allegedly shows him taunting Muslims with the insult outside the gates of the Temple Mount in the Old City on Sunday.

The youth was arrested Monday morning upon arriving at the Western Wall and was being interrogated.

The police emphasized that they would not allow such provocations and disturbance to public order by Jews or Muslims at the holy site.

The incident came amid heightened tensions at the Temple Mount, which saw large-scale rioting on Sunday and the arrest of a Jewish woman last week, who also nearly sparked riots when she yelled, "Muhammad is a pig."

The confrontation for which 20-year-old Avia Morris was arrested last week was also recorded by a witness, and went viral shortly thereafter, further inflaming tensions.
And on that note, here's an article about that case too, where the lady tells how the police ignored harrassment during an Old City tour:
Morris spoke with The Jerusalem Post to explain in her own words what happened.

"For the entire 40 minute walk through the Old City to the Temple Mount, a group of Arab women followed us yelling Allah Akbar and Itbach al-Yahud [Kill the Jews in Arabic], as well as a number of curse words," she said. "We asked the police to keep them further away but they did not stop them. Instead, they let the women continue insult the Jewish faith and the Jewish people in our holiest place in the world."

Morris knew that she would be arrested immediately if she said anything while on the Temple Mount itself, so she remained stoic along with the rest in the group. However, the same group of women returned as soon as the group left the Temple Mount. Morris said she could no longer stay quiet as they continued their taunts and even made the symbol of Islamic State.

"By that point, I felt if I continued to stay quiet and if we continue to hide our heads, we would be like the Jews in exile who are afraid of non Jews and that aren't able to fight back. So I decided that it would be a disgrace to not say something back so I said 'Muhammad is a pig'... and after that, they were finally moved away from us."

On Friday afternoon, the day after the incident, police showed up at Morris's home and arrested her, only hours before the beginning of Shabbat, for allegedly inciting violence and for making an insult to a religious sentiment. She was released on the condition that she maintain a certain distance from the Old City for a week.

Following the incident and the posting of the video, commenters on Facebook went wild, supporting the taunting Muslim women and worst of all, called for Morris and her one-year-old daughter to be murdered. She said that police have not arrested nor taken action against any of these people.

Morris attempted to file a complaint with police following the death threats, but was told she cannot since it must be filed at the police station located in the Old City, from which she is forbidden to enter for the next week. Morris said police brushed off the matter. "They told me 'Fine, so next week [you'll file the complaint]." And in the meantime, while I wasn't able to filed a complaint, a complaint was filed against me and they arrested me."

"So this is not discrimination on the Temple Mount? That the Arab women can do whatever they want and we can't even whisper under our breath or respond in any sort of way? And the police aren't even letting me file a complaint over people threatening murder?"
It most definitely is discrimination. And, it's very serious. The police officials who put her through this crap should be truly ashamed of themselves. Here's one more related account, and Daniel Pipes provides more important notes:
2. This fits into a pattern going back at least to 1997, of the Israeli authorities arresting non-Muslims who offend Islamic sensibilities. For details, see my "Israelis Insult Muslims, Face Criminal Charges."
This is very dangerous, and shows that here in the country, much like in Europe, we have a problem with alleged lawmakers imposing laws against blasphemy to appease Islamofascists who by contrast will not be punished for their own crimes. It's something that must be challenged, and I encourage everyone who cares to protest. This is no more acceptable in Israel than it is in Europe.

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