Thursday, May 14, 2015

What should be taboo in the USA - and what shouldn't be...

ta-boo: adjective - something prohibited or restricted by social custom.

In a constitutional republic such as the USA, abridging free speech should always be taboo and insulting a "religion" should never be taboo.

The taboos of religions whose basic tenets are anathema to democracy and secularism, such as Islam - should never be respected - least of all when they use threats of violence to try to enforce their taboos - as islamists have done and continue to do daily.

Respecting islam's taboos because of threats by islamists only encourages them to threaten us more as it rewards their threats.

Appeasing them by attacking people, like Geller, who don't respect their taboos also encourages the islamists to threaten us more.

Nobody has the right to take away our liberty or our lives.

I won't surrender mine.

Please don't surrender yours - for any reason, and by implication say I should too.

Our innate and G-d-given liberty - for centuries limited by tyranny - was recovered for us only by the enormous sacrifices of millions who lived and fought before we were ever born.

It is our sacred duty to defend these rights and their sacrifices against all creeds and tyrants who would have us live in chains.

Today, the chief enemies of liberty are islamism and leftism - ideologies that often work together.

PC and islamism both seek to limit our liberty, and both must be fought.

When confronted by either, never give in.

Fight them in behalf of all who died so that we might enjoy our liberty, and for all our children and children's children who will continue enjoy it in the days to come only if we defend it here and now.

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