Sunday, April 05, 2015


Breitbart wrote about actress Pam Grier's experience with basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's conversion to Islam, and how he embraced the notion a woman should not be educated, sexualized her by saying she should cover her body, and, to make matters worse, there's the way some other converts he knew treated her:
One Saturday, Jabbar invited a group of fellow Islamic converts over. Grier expected to spend the day enjoying everyone’s company. These were her friends too, but this was the first time she had seen them since their conversion.

They refused to hug her. They pulled away from her touch as though she were diseased. Then came the real humiliation.

I wasn’t supposed to speak to them at all, unless I was answering a specific question. I stood there awkwardly, when Kareem said in a quiet voice, ‘You’re supposed to leave the room now, Pam.'”

“For how long?” She asked.

“Until I ask you come back or my friends leave,” was his reply.

Humiliated, she sat alone in the bedroom until Jabbar came in and asked her to make the group sandwiches. She obliged, and after serving the men, Jabbar said, “You have to go now. You can take a sandwich with you.”

Little by little, Jabbar’s oppressive view of women drove Grier away. He demanded she cover herself, even at the beach and “read me the riot act about disgracing him” when she didn’t. “This is how it is written in the Koran,” was his only justification.
After reading this, I'm wondering ever more if some Haredi sects like Satmar got their views of women from this religion. Certainly today, they may have been influenced by it.

I'm glad Grier saw the light, and sad Jabbar didn't. If he still adheres to Islam, this news makes me discouraged from watching his past NBA game sessions. He responded defensively to Breitbart's report, claiming he no longer holds the views he did in the early 70s, but I think it may just be a lot of taqqiyya he's spouting.

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