Thursday, April 09, 2015


The savage who, along with his now dead brother, planted bombs that murdered and injured people at Boston's marathon, has been found guilty:
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted on all charges Wednesday in the Boston Marathon bombing by a jury that will now decide whether the 21-year-old should be executed or shown mercy for what his lawyer says was a crime masterminded by his big brother.

The former college student stood with his hands folded, fidgeted and looked down at the defense table in federal court as he listened to the word “guilty” recited on all 30 counts against him, including conspiracy and deadly use of a weapon of mass destruction. Seventeen of those counts are punishable by death.
And let's hope he goes to the chair or the lethal injection chamber. How interesting that only now, he could only hang his head in shame yet not realize why his barbaric actions were wrong long before he carried them out. How interesting he couldn't even realize why the distasteful religion he stuck with is wrong long before either.
The verdict, reached after a day and a half of deliberations, was practically a foregone conclusion, given his lawyer’s startling admission at the trial’s outset that Tsarnaev carried out the terror attack with his now-dead older brother, Tamerlan.

The defense strategy is to try to save Tsarnaev’s life in the upcoming penalty phase — which could begin as early as Monday — by arguing he fell under Tamerlan’s evil influence.
If his lawyer's trying to get him off the death sentence hook, that too is wrong. Tsarnaev should be sent to pits of hell for his savagery. I'd even recommend putting a bullet in his filthy head, or disintegrating it with a shotgun blast, and not worry about having to clean up a mess afterwards.
“It’s not a happy occasion, but it’s something,” said Karen Brassard, who suffered shrapnel wounds on her legs and attended the trial. “One more step behind us.”

She said Tsarnaev appeared “arrogant” and uninterested during the trial, and she wasn’t surprised when she saw no remorse on his face as the verdicts were read. She refused to say whether she believes he deserves the death penalty, but she rejected the defense argument that he was simply following his brother’s lead.

“He was in college. He was a grown man who knew what the consequences would be,” Brassard said. “I believe he was ‘all in’ with the brother.”
See, that's just it. He knew what he did was wrong, but went ahead with his barbarism anyway. He shared the same twisted evil standings as his brother, and it's not a matter of one influencing the other, because both had one and the same sadistic viewpoint. He should be sent to death, and the body cremated without a tomb or an urn to store it in.

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