Thursday, March 12, 2015


Daniel Greenfield tells how the Israeli left is technically fooling people with the aid of a phony third party:
The left has done well with fake third parties. It’s a testament to its basic unpopularity that it needs to trot out a fake third party.

The fake third party this time is Kulanu, a media manufactured party headed by Moshe Kahlon a hack from Netanyahu’s conservative Likud party who is looking for his 15 minutes of fame and the goodies that come with it. Technically Kulanu is actually a fake fourth party considering that its role was filled last time around by Yesh Atid, which is still in the running.

These fake third parties are typically focused on equality and reform, they play at being non-partisan and consisting of smart people who just want to fix a broken system. And there are idiots who fall for it every time.

Currently the conservative parties are losing seats to Kulanu, because the party (obviously) targets their base. That is its whole purpose. It’s not so much that the left is gaining as that a stalking horse party for the left is gaining.

The majority of Israelis do want Netanyahu by 48 to 34. But the left is really good at gaming a parliamentary system and voters are often unwilling to understand how they play into the hands of the left.
Even if Labor doesn't manage so well, Kulanu is still a valid concern if it takes away votes from the right and gives them to the left. Speaking of which, Kulanu does have some members who qualify as fairly leftist. Similarly, Yesh Atid is also a worry, to the point even Labor is worried about them, and is attacking them in some of their ads now the week before the election. Kulanu is too, but they're still not exactly a party whose potentially bad influence should be taken lightly.

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