Saturday, March 14, 2015


For sending a letter to Iran making clear the GOP won't put up with the autocracy's nuclear warfare program, Gail Simone's written some very unfunny tweets about a politician who served in Iraq while he was in the army:

Correction: you have no qualification for commenting on serious issues, and no business making jokes out of them. She's one of a very small portion who want to demonize Cotton for standing up to despots. Cotton served in the army, and with dignity. Simone probably never did.

I don't see why she need pay attention to Cotton if she doesn't like him.

I think Simone is an ostrich who puts her head in the sand. I guess Russia's own weaponry development during the Cold War was no big deal either, eh?

I think Simone's the bad lecturer here. She makes a very bad comedian too at this point.

If there were a magazine highlighting apologists, Simone should be in every feature story about them.

Simone is long past the point where her "jokes" are becoming unforgivably disgusting.

If she brings to mind any dinos, it'd probably be a stegosaurus, which is pretty slow on the uptake.

I'm coming to the conclusion Simone hates justice, and turns her back on innocent women in Iran who've been tortured by the regime's autocrats.

And Simone should never have to write books like Birds of Prey ever again. Besides, she's already decidedly given clues she's not exactly a Black Canary fan, if that matters.

Dear dear. That amounts to trolling against Mr. Cotton. Not very ethical, I don't think.

So says somebody who turns her back to far worse, more serious issues.

This is basically online harrassment. Very poor example. Sigh.

And with her startling biases, Simone is the writer whom everybody's going to turn down in sales within time, and those who do read her books will have to take everything she writes with a grain of salt. While we're on the topic, she also wrote:

If she's a fan of Churchill, I wonder what she'll think when she finds out what he said about Islamofascism in The River War? This is some of the most shameful, pointless drivel she's written to date.

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