Monday, March 09, 2015


The "Zionist Union" tried to make a vote-sharing deal with the united Arab party list, but not only did they refuse, they wouldn't even make one on Meretz's behalf:
A deal that could have prevented tens of thousands of left-wing votes from being wasted and as many as two mandates from being thrown away was blocked Friday by the Balad party in a major blow to Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog.

Herzog’s Labor Party signed a vote-sharing agreement at the start of the campaign with Meretz to give spare votes beyond the mandates they won to whichever party was closer to an additional seat in the Knesset. Without such a deal, the spare votes are thrown away. [...]

Joint List head Ayman Odeh was in favor of signing the deal with Meretz, but Balad ruled it out because it did not want to cooperate with a Zionist party in any way. Zehalka even threatened to remove Balad from the Joint List, a threat that at this stage is not permitted by law. [...]

Balad MK Haneen Zoabi responded by pointing out that the Zionist Union supported banning her from running for Knesset “There is no Left in the Knesset, only a Center that is patronizing and racist,” she told Channel 2’s Meet the Press program.
I'm sure she had influence on the decision not to deal with Labor too. The name Labor now takes obviously has some negative ring to them, and so does Labor's support for banning her from the Knesset.

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