Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The CIA chief made a fool of himself defending Islam and claiming ISIS isn't motivated by it:
CIA chief John Brennan said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday that the Islamic State group is motivated by a violent -- and not a religious -- ideology, refusing to link the terrorist group to Islam.

"It is a very twisted, perverted interpretation of a religion that they purport to represent, but in no way do they represent," he said. "It's an ideology of violence. That's what it is. It is not a religious ideology."

Fox News host Chris Wallace pressed Brennan, asking if he agrees that Islam is a part of that ideology.

Brennan responded, saying, "They purport to be Muslims. But as I said, the overwhelming majority of Muslims throughout the world roundly denounce and condemn what they're doing. And that's why we should not give them any type of religious legitimacy."

He clarified that Islamic State ideology "Is a corruption of the Islamic faith. It is a distortion of it. It does not represent the Muslim community or Islam."
Sorry, Brennan, but you have furthered the disfavor to all victims of the Religion of Peace. Actually, if Wallace refused to cite any Koranic verses, then he's just as guilty as Brennan is. That's a telling clue Fox is no better than a lot of other mainstream news sources.

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Jerry said...

Brennan us rumored as having converted to Islam. If that's the case it would explain his bizarre description Of Issis.