Sunday, March 01, 2015


Bloomberg's reported that AIPAC thanks Congress for those who've defended Netanyahu's visit and speech:
"Thank goodness for Congress!" said Howard Kohr, the CEO of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Applause filled the Washington Convention Center, from thousands of people attending AIPAC's annual policy conference. In the Obama years, AIPAC's show of force in Washington often overlapped with a moment of tension or scandal in the relationship between the president and the Likud government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This year's conference coincides with Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress, which originated in conversations with the Republican leadership—not, as is the norm, via conversations with the White House. [...]

The Netanyahu drama, which will hang over the entire week, mostly emphasized how much support Israel otherwise had in Washington. "We have spent many active hours lobbying for members of the House and Senate to attend this speech," said Kohr.

Cardin won more applause by telling the AIPAC crowd about legislation "coming this week" to use trade negotiations to penalize countries that boycotted, divested from or sanctioned Israel. Graham, newly empowered as a member of the Senate majority, one-upped Cardin again.

"All the money that goes in to support the State Department comes through my committee," said Graham. "I’m gonna put the United Nations on notice." If the U.N. "marginalized" Israel in anyway way, he'd come after its funding.
That's good to hear. If they follow through with stopping funding to the UN, that'll help the USA's own tax money, which is better spent on other developments, preferably non-political. On that note, yes, thank goodness for Congress.

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