Sunday, February 01, 2015


Postmodern leftists hate MORE than just the USA; they hate Western Civilization itself. They hate it because they blame it for:
  • sexual repression; 
  • Third World poverty; 
  • most of history's genocide; 
  • and global pollution is killing people and which threatens an imminent global climate catastrophe.
Each of these postmodern leftist positions is demonstrably false, but are now accepted as basic presuppositions by today's postmodern left.

  • In the 20th C alone, socialism killed more people than did Judeo-Christianity in the preceding 19 centuries. Since its inception - and globally - Islam killed more people than socialism - or any other ideology... EVER.
  • Industrialization has extended life-spans and living standards; it doesn't hurt them. Life-spans and living standards are lower in the un-industrialized Third World. And they were lower in pre-industrialized Europe than in the cities of industrializing Europe; this is why folks on the farm moved to the cites; it's why they still do!
  • The Third World is NOT poor as a result of colonialization - the Third World is poor because they haven't industrialized and have too much socialism. The West did not impoverish the Third World; the Third World's lack of westernization is keeping them as poor now as they have always been.
  • For thousands of years, the West's traditional sexual mores and institutions have helped stabilize families - (the basic building block of society) - and helped families raise pro-social children who grow up to be responsible adults. Societies with non-Western sexual mores and institutions have a poorer record of this, and statistics prove that fatherless homes of any/all races raise criminals and populate our prisons. Wanton sexual promiscuity spreads criminality and disease.
People on the postmodern left ignore history; they ignore socialism's consistent record of failure - both in economic growth AND in delivering goods and services to the masses; they ignore islam's record of tyranny and genocide and intolerance and ignorance; and they have always excused the totalitarianism of their fellow leftists.

The postmodern left also ignores the fact that traditional, bourgeois, capitalist, and industrial societies are responsible for everything good about modern life: our longer and healthier life spans, our greater material prosperity, and our ability to enjoy our innate rights and liberties.

The people on postmodern left are a mix of the brainwashed, the willfully ignorant and the deliberately nihilistic.

Their hatred for the West is why they function as a fifth column for the islamo-fascists; they want the West demolished, and they see the islamists as allies in that cause - allies who are justified to use terror against the "colonial, racist, sexually repressive, polluting, genocidal" West.

Because the postmodern left dominates the academy and the mass media - each which brainwash each succeeding generation, they comprise nearly a third of the West's population - enough in many parliamentary democracies to gain and hold power. The nations where the postmodern left has held power are weaker economically and more vulnerable to islamization and dhimmitude as a result.

And because the West is an alliance of sorts - via transnational institutions such as the UN, NATO, the EU - the postmodern left has weakened our entire civilization.

This is why I have long argued that we need to defeat the postmodern left before we can defeat the islamists.

We currently have a postmodern leftist in the White House. That's why the postmodernists and the islamists and Putin and China and Iran have been doing so well the last few years.

The tide cannot turn until we elect a president who loves the West and wants to defend it.

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