Tuesday, February 24, 2015


In July of 2001, I was invited to dinner by a friend in Cable Television and his fiancée - the daughter of a national newsanchorman - to have dinner and meet a a friend of the fiancee who was from the charming southern city where I went to undergraduate school. We dined outside, at a café downtown, in Soho - with a view of the WTC Twin Towers. Conversation turned to regrets and I was asked what I regretted. I said I regretted that I was no longer very political. I grew up in a highly political household that was very left-wing and I regretted not being active at all, politically. They asked me what issues I would  most likely devote myself to and I said fighting islamo-fascism - which I saw as the biggest threat in the world.

I told them for two reasons: first, that March the Taliban blew up the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan - a unique World Heritage site. Second, there were many reports that women in Pakistan who were not wearing a veil had acid thrown in their faces, permanently disfiguring them. Jay Leno's wife was actively fighting this. My friends shrugged my concerns off. And a few months later I would be proven correct.

Nothing since then has changed my mind. In fact, the enemy has only grown more threatening the last 6 years.

 I am reminded of this story by news today that ISIS has destroyed a library in Iraq and burned 8000 extremely rare books.


Islamists have long burned books because islamists believe that the koran is the only book humanity needs.

Human knowledge is precious to humanity.  The accumulated knowledge and history of humanity were hard-earned and our future depends on saving our culture and not letting it be replaced with islamism.

 We must defeat these islamists, perhaps kill 10 of them for each book destroyed  and 100 for each Christian killed. And we must stop being concerned with retaliating against the SPECIFIC group tied to a specific attack and instead announce that any attack by any islamist group anywhere in the West or against any ally will be retaliated against disproportionately against any islamist group anywhere of our choosing. For example, an attack by ISIS on allies in Iraq might be retaliated against by counter-attacking against Boko Haram in Nigeria. And we can legally do this with our 2001 AUMF which states we can and will attack any ally of Al Qaeda. An ally of Al Qaeda is any group or person or persons actively working to reestablish the caliphate or to establish sharia law where secular law is now in place.

This is a global religious war and we have to fight back globally.
And this need not mean sending troops everywhere if we are willing to counter-attack using missiles and drones against opportune targets.

And we must accept that there will be collateral damage. Which send a message to everyone that it's not safe to be near the enemy.

The list of targets could be extended to include people and institutions which aid, abet or finance the enemy.

IN OTHER WORDS, if the enemy anywhere fails to get the message and attacks us, then the enemy anywhere gets whacked.

Eventually they will get the message or they will be erased from the face or the earth.

It's them or us, and I choose us.

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