Thursday, February 19, 2015

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and ISIS executions of Copts and the Jordanian Pilot

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand triggered WW1. It set in motion events that led to a world war.

Might the recent, videotaped executions by ISIS of Copts and the Jordanian pilot have the same effect?

I think they will - by setting in motion a series of ever-increasing retaliatory strikes by ISIS and Egypt and Kurds that will eventually draw in other countries, both as participants and as battlefields.

And sooner than you think...

The destruction f The Buddhas of Bamiyan was a horrific event and 9/11 was cataclysmic - you'd think they might have started a full-out global war.

And Islamo-terrorists have made more than 25,000 attack since 9/11 - all over the world, many as brutal the slaughter of the Copts in Libya and the Jordanian pilot, but none have had the effect that these and the recent attacks in Paris and Copenhagen have had.

These two attacks within two liberal multicultural cities seems to have FINALLY revealed to the masses and a few of the elites that the brutality and reach of islamist terror is VERY real and a major threat to our way of life.

And so it has increased the demand for substantial retaliation.

And then the enemy will escalates their retaliations, and then so will we, until it engulfs the world.

YES, yes: a global war by islamists has been going on since 1979, but we only fought back for a few years during the Bush administration.

Now perhaps, or soon, several nations will fight the enemy simultaneously.

Egypt, Jordan, Israel, And the USA, as soon as we get rid of Obama.

And then, if Iran gets the bomb...

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Always On Watch said...

World War M (World War Muslim) has arrived.