Monday, January 12, 2015


The French security minister said the government would assign 5000 police to defend Jewish sites around the country (via Truth Revolt). But it's surely too late, as many Jews will leave to go live in Israel instead. And Ben Shapiro sums up why a Jew-free Europe is becoming a reality:
The Nazis and their European collaborators dreamt of a Jew-free Europe. With the help of radical Muslims, that’s now becoming a reality.

Nonetheless, there is another hashtag that has not trended. That hashtag is #JeSuisJuif – I Am Jewish.

And we all know why.

The same Europe that pretends that Hamas is not a terror group and opposes Israel in its fight against Islamic terrorism will never tweet #JeSuisJuif. That’s because for years, Europe has done nothing in the face of Islamic terror against Jews; Jewish blood is cheap for those who separate Jews off from Western civilization more generally.

Deputy Mayor Philippe Karsenty of Neuilly-sur-Seine told us this morning on KRLA 870 that the police officer shot in the line of duty by one of the Islamic terrorists was shot because she was defending a Jewish school. That little factoid has not appeared in the media.

Two weeks ago, a kosher burger shop in the heavily Muslim 19th district was shot at; earlier that week, a synagogue was shot at as well. Two weeks before that, assailants invaded a Jewish home and raped a 19-year-old woman, telling her it was “because you are Jewish.” Days before that, two Jewish brothers wearing yarmulkes were attacked on the streets near their synagogue with brass knuckles. At the time, President Francois Hollande said, “France wants all the Jews of France to feel perfectly safe and quiet.” Obviously, that worked.
He's right. Of course, whether Jews continue to live in Europe or here, we can't ignore what kind of horrors go on in Europe or refuse to fight to get the Islamofascists out of there. We also have to take issue with apologists, and Shapiro rightfully brought up the sad case of David Petraeus, who turned out to be a sellout, hardly worth sympathizing with. Sure, he might've attacked Terry Jones in hopes of winning favor with the left, but in the end, even they're not particularly liking of him.

Europe has long been plunged into the pits of hell, and now, it's clear a lot's going to have to be done, no matter where you live in the world, to put an end to the horrors consuming it.

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