Thursday, December 04, 2014


The Garner case is the third part of The Obama Intifada; the first was Trayvon; the second Ferguson.

Each case has been EXPLOITED by the professional race-hustlers of the Left, and quite deftly.

Just as Hamas transformed their aggressive rocket attacks against Israel into a $5billion windfall, the Obama-Jarrett-Sharpton-Holder-Farrakhan Alliance are attempting to transform a few, rare unfortunate deaths into a social revolution.

It's straight out of the Alinsky playbook.

They want riots and race wars because the greater the crisis, and the more they can undermine our law & order institutions and the more power they can seize.

Trayvon and Ferguson were weak cases, but the video of the Garner arrest has made their argument stronger - despite the fact that the arrest was supervised by a black woman: (the supervising sergeant on the scene at the time of the choke-hold is a black woman).

Many of us on the right are upset that no cop was indicted for Garner's death, but NOT because we think racism was involved. We think it was unintentional. And we suspect that the "blue wall" shut down any indictment. We think the cop should have probably been charged with unintentional manslaughter and this would have given Garner and the cop their day in court - out in the open, (unlike the grand jury which is secret).

I'd like to see this case revisited, somehow.
I'd like to see cops get outfitted with video cameras - as many cop cruisers have been for years. The video camera would protect cops and suspects.

And I'd like to see the race-hustlers and leftists - from Obama to the communists of Revcom - STFU.

Three dozens cities in the USA are now getting these communist party sponsored protests - night after night, They are disrupting commerce and civil peace. And make no mistake about it: these protests are not about indicting cops. They're really trying to foment riots as they did in Ferguson, and a revolution here in the USA as the Muslim Brotherhood did for a while in Egypt, as FATAH and HAMAS are currently trying in Israel.

Each day they will ramp up the rhetoric and the threats and the violence. And if the police retaliate, then the cops will be called racists and "pigs", and they can ram up the violence even more.


Simple: Obama and his comrades got us here. They've been cynically using race from the get-go, with no care about its social implications; they are only concerned abut their hold on power.

Why are they ramping things up, now?

Simple: without the US Senate, it's all Obama and his comrades have got left.

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Always On Watch said...

Is Obama attempting to federalize the local police forces? Something is afoot, IMO. Obama always has an agenda.