Thursday, December 18, 2014


A court for the EU has given its support for Hamas' barbarism by excising the jihadist gang from their blacklistings:
The European Union's second-highest court on Wednesday annulled the bloc's decision to keep Hamas on a list of terrorist organizations, but temporarily maintained the measures for a period of three months or until an appeal is closed.

The General Court of the European Union said the contested measures were not based on an examination of Hamas' acts but on imputations derived from the media and the Internet.

The court said it was nevertheless maintaining the effects of the measures in order to ensure that any possible future freezing of funds would be effective.
Uh uh, I don't buy their defense here. How do we know they haven't been giving Hamas some money and kickbacks under the table? This is nothing more than a show of weakness.
Israel is concerned Hamas may use the opportunity to renew its activities in Europe.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for Hamas to be immediately returned to the terrorist blacklist, saying Israel was not satisfied with the EU's explanation that the removal of Hamas from the list was merely a "technical matter."

"The burden of proof is on the European Union," Netanyahu said. "Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization, with the stated goal, in its charter, of destroying Israel. We will continue to fight against it with determination and strength, so that it will never achieve this aim."
Again, their defense for this pathetic cave-in does not work at all, and if they're really serious, they should return them to the blacklist immediately.

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