Sunday, November 30, 2014

MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS IN CHINA AND NIGERIA - and not a Jew or a Zionist, or a neocon was in sight

More proof from China that islamo-terror has nothing to do with Judaism or Zionism or even capitalism, and EVERYTHING to do with islam.

And another thing: there isn't  "third most holy site in islam" type of site in China - or even a fourth or fifth.

It's NOT about muslims merely trying to recapture what was once theirs and that which is more important to them than to anyone else.

It's about the supremacist nature of islam and the evil tactics of their prophet  - whom they emulate.

And the recent attack in Nigeria only drives the point home even more: Boko Haram bombed a mosque killing more than 100 muslims - and not Jew or a Zionist or a neocon was in sight.

The one ting that the Uighur terrorists and the Boko Haram terrorists and the isis terrorists and the hamas terrorists and the philippino terrorists an the afghan terrorists and the mali terrorists and the libyan terrorists and the chechen terorists all have in commom is islam.

We ignore this at our peril... at the peril of the free world...
We appease them at our peril - at the peril of the free world.

A victory for them anywhere, motivates them to use more terror everywhere.

So, pressuring Israel to appease them only makes them more threatening everywhere else.

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