Thursday, October 23, 2014


He's made a comment about the attack and near infiltration of a government office in the Canadian parliament by a jihadist, discussing the topic as if it were something a lot simpler:

Here we go again. This was not a simple matter of a crackpot with no serious political leanings attacking politicians. This was a case of a Muslim convert who was influenced by the Koran (although his father was already a Muslim who'd taken part in Libyan jihad). Does Marz also think the massacre at Fort Hood was simply a superficial case of gun violence? The reality is that it's a case of homegrown jihadism that's eating up countries like Canada and Britain, and the USA. It should be noted that it was thanks to a RCMP member with a gun that the filthy jihadist in Canada was stopped before he could enter an office where a lot of politicians were gathered.

Here's also another tweet by Marz about Gamergate:

Ah, but does Marz understand that books like Identity Crisis and Avengers: Disassembled are built on misogynistic components? Does he even come to terms with how degrading Emerald Twilight is? Sure, he's written a few books in the past with female leads, and co-stars who were just as prominent, at companies like the defunct Crossgen, and now at Top Cow/Image. But he's occasionally given signs he hasn't fully learned his lesson since the time he'd written Emerald Twilight and the fridge scene (like when he wrote the finale for the Kyle Rayner run in Green Lantern), and that makes it hard to be certain he really understands these issues as well as he could.

And what if mine/your girlfriend/wife/relative is somebody who doesn't care much for computer games, and when she decides to look into the topic further, finds it's more about biased, politicized journalism involving petty arguments on the least problematic elements like T&A, and a belief that partisan politics should be injected into computer games? What then? What if she also decides the 3 women involved aren't people she'd want to hang around either, or even some of the folks against Gamergate? And what if she couldn't care less that Intel decided to remove their ads from Gamasutra and had no interest in reading that dopey website anyway? Marz shouldn't assume every women takes the same position on video games, not even other leftists, some of whom could also be part of the Gamergate movement. But then, does that mean he does have a problem with leftists in comicdom who've tolerated misogyny? Unfortunately, he's never written an op-ed in the same vein as Chuck Dixon did about the industry complaining about issues like that, and it doesn't look like he'll ever try to speak out against bad things happening at the Big Two seriously, so I honestly don't know why he's bothering to lambast Gamergate.

Okay, I'll offer some advice. Don't act like journalists are incapable of doing something bad and making mistakes. Besides, what were J. Jonah Jameson and Bethany Snow created for? And tone down all that leftism. Even some of Marz's fellow leftists may have done that already, and if they did, it could benefit comicdom better.

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