Saturday, September 06, 2014


Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty TV program, who was antagonized for disapproval of homosexuality last year, commented on the jihadists comprising ISIS who've taken over in Iraq and Syria, saying they should be converted or die. And Marz, that Roger Waters fan who's always eager to prove his contempt, said:

Some people think Marz isn't an expert on Islamic fundamentalism, or even cults like Scientology and Haredi cults like Lev Tahor, if that matters. The Christian Post's defended Robertson with the following:
...was Robertson's stance really comparable to that of the radical Islamic terrorists? Absolutely not, although he could have found a better way to express himself (in which case, though, he would hardly have been speaking and acting like Phil Robertson!).

To put his remarks in proper context, Robertson began by quoting a number of scriptures, including the highly appropriate verse from Proverbs 8: "All who hate me [speaking of divine wisdom personified] love death," his point being that these are evil people bent on destruction and murder.

Hannity then stated, "I think they are at war with us," and that's what Robertson was responding to. How do you deal with people like this?

Robertson described the terrorists as "street thugs on steroids," calling the conflict, "worldwide gang warfare, but this gang is well-armed and well-organized," suggesting that "we're going to have to deal with this group way more harshly than we have up to this point," which is actually the sentiment of many respected leaders, not to mention much of the American populace.

Who among us doesn't want to see these murderers stopped? Who among us doesn't want to see and an end to their atrocities?
Even Marz can't deny ISIS are a horde of murderous barbarians no sane person wants entering their house. But, based on his pointless, cynical tweets, it's clear he can't resist voicing his spite for conservatives either. He should make up his mind which side he thinks are preferable to have around.

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