Thursday, September 18, 2014

He's Getting Warmer: Kerry Says, ISIS Is Not Islamic, They Are ‘the Order of Satan’

Kerry: ISIS Is ‘the Order of Satan’

John Kerry has been going around saying ISIS is not Islamic.

That's totally wrong, of course.

"ISIS" stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They use the Koran to justify their behavior. And they are supported by huge swarths of the Muslim world, including 92% of Saudi Arabians.

So yes, they are Islamic. It is asinine to say they are not.

But Kerry got it absolutely right when he said they are "the order of Satan.

Islam likes to use children as martyrs. Islam says all Jews must be killed at the Last Judgement. And Islam glories in the blood of those it has murdered.

If you believe Satan exists, you must admit that such behavior is, indeed, of "the order of Satan."

ISIS is clearly Satanic.

They are the Islamic Order of Satan.

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