Friday, August 29, 2014


Looks like the atrocious Haredi-Muslim cult is departing from rural Guatemala, having irked the local population more than enough. The cult's sobbing anti-semitism, but the Jewish representatives of Guatemala had a hand in warning about what a bad lot they are, so I don't think there's too much concern of anti-semitism here.
A group of 230 Jews, reportedly from the cult group Lev Tahor, have started leaving the Guatemalan Indian village where at least some of them have lived for six years amid claims that they were threatened.

Reports about the expulsion of Jews from San Juan La Laguna, located on the banks of Lake Atitlan 125 miles from the capital Guatemala City, first surfaced in May.

However, George Tannenbaum, President of the Guatemala Jewish Community, claimed in early June that the group under discussion and particularly its leader Misael Santos were members of the Lev Tahor cult, which has reportedly engaged in shocking physical and sexual abuse. Members of the group have tried fleeing Canada to Guatemala over legal proceedings.
Yep, the cult sure was being pretty clever there. Besides, how can anyone sympathise with a group who dress in layers of black clothes in the sweltering heat much like Saudi Arabia, shun general knowledge, make their female members wear burka-shaped outfits and even refuse to recognize women outside their cult as human? That's not doing much to prove respect for other communities based on personal character. It's only exploiting hosts and milking them for all they're worth, much as they tried doing in Canada.
Since October, the local indigenous population has accused the Jewish group of violating Mayan customs.

The Council of Indigenous Elders said the Jewish group "wanted to impose their religion," and was undermining the Catholic faith that is predominant in the village.

"We act in self-defense and to respect our rights as indigenous people. The (Guatemalan) constitution protects us because we need to conserve and preserve our culture," council spokesman Miguel Vasquez told A​FP.
In this case, they're justified to think Lev Tahor could be imposing, since they took such a degrading stand on women's dignity, to name one example. A group that corrupts Judaism with mixtures of Islam does no favors for Judaism, and that's why they don't belong there. The question remaining now is where Lev Tahor will go next? Earlier signs suggest they might be breaking up, but still a lot needs to be done to put a stop to this revolting cult and their physical/mental abuse of the children in their clutches.

Update: there's more eyebrow raising reasons why the cult was booted from the village:
The town's Elders Council voted last week to force the group to leave because they say some members of the sect have mistreated indigenous residents and tourists in the area.

Antonio Ixtamer, who lives in the community, said that several members of the group had upset residents because of their arrogant attitude.

He said several times members of the Lev Tahor community would go into stores and pay whatever they wanted for the products rather than the marked price. He said they also bothered tourists.

"On one occasion there was a tourist taking pictures of a hill and the Jews thought he was taking photos of them and they clashed," Ixtamer said.

"This is not normal behaviour in a community that lives off of tourism," he added.
They tried to cheat the local businesses and picked fights with tourists over peanuts. I must fully agree that's not acceptable behavior, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did it on purpose to embarrass Judaism's image in a foreign country. One more reason why they should be ashamed of themselves and deserve to be exiled from a sane society.

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