Thursday, August 14, 2014


A woman writing for the Irish Independent points out the failure of alleged feminists to condemn sharia:
Last week the Council of Europe brought into effect the Istanbul Convention which aims to combat violence against women. Fourteen countries have so far ratified the convention and 36 states have signed it. Shamefully, Ireland has done neither. Where is the outcry from our feminist women in the Oireachtas?

Amongst other measures, the Istanbul Convention defines and criminalises forced marriages, female genital mutilation and sexual violence. Recently, we saw the first clinic open in Dublin to treat the almost 4,000 women here who have suffered from female genital mutilation. Globally, FGM is on the rise, as are child marriages, honour killings and forced gender segregation due to the increase in radical Islamism worldwide.
And Ireland too is among the countries taking no serious steps to combat sharia, nor are local feminists saying anything about it.
And yet western feminists, including our own female politicians who spoke so passionately last week in the Seanad about Israel's crimes, are strangely silent on these topics. Why? Are they afraid?

Because it's "politically correct" not to mention the increasing gender apartheid in Gaza for instance. Because you risk accusations of being "racist", "Islamophobic" or "bigoted" if you dare voice concern at the rise in radical Islam and the corresponding destruction of human rights for women and LGBT people. The popularity of "cultural relativism" in leftie, liberal circles has led to a two-tier system of human rights.

In May, the Sultanate of Brunei introduced Islamic criminal (Sharia) law - including stoning for alleged adulterers. In April, the Hamas justice minister announced a new criminal code based on Sharia into Gaza - where, according to Human Rights Watch activist Bill Van Esveld, "the Hamas government is trying to shore up its image as an Islamic reform movement in the face of challenges from more radical Islamist groups, is consolidating its social control by upping its efforts to 'Islamacise' Gaza."

Meanwhile, according to the UN, the two countries which have seen the most disturbing roll-backs in women's rights in recent times are Afghanistan and Syria - both implementing radical Sharia practices with greater and greater ferocity. Hilariously (not really) Iran, whom the UN has accused of "introducing [Sharia] laws that permit gender discrimination and promote violence against women", has a seat on the UN Women's Rights Commission (Status of Women).
It's not hard to see why the UN allowed Iran to keep a seat on that panel - they've long accepted sharia despite what they seemingly say. Good that the op-ed writer brought up what Hamas is doing in Gaza, because it proves they're no different from any other Islamofascists, as they've proven this past month. But the alleged feminists are guaranteed to remain quiet about it for a long time, no matter how bad things become worldwide.

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