Sunday, August 24, 2014

EVIL UTOPIANISTS: Climate alarmists, islamists and leftists

As we have seen in Ferguson, blacks and the Left call the relatively few times whites kill blacks and the relatively few times cops kill blacks "genocide" and a "holocaust".

Meanwhile, they ignore black on black murder and black on white violence - which dwarfs both white-on-black and cop-on-black violence.

On average, 9000 blacks are murdered each year; black murderers account for 8500 of them; cops only account for about 100 - and most are justified homicide. (The recent incident in Ferguson may turn out to be justified.)

Why do they ignore the truth and promote lies? Policies based on their lies do not address and therefore cannot ever fix the real problem, the real "holocaust".

When it comes to lying about reality, blacks are not alone: Moslems and Leftists also call the recent Israeli counterattack on Gaza "genocide" and a "holocaust" while ignoring the fact that Moslems routinely kill 200x more Moslems than the IDF - every year. (This year the IDF kiled about 2000 Gazans - the overwhelming majority fighting age men. In Syria 200,000 Moslems have been killed in the past 2 years.)

Likewise, Moslems and Leftists constantly rant on about how islamophobia is rampant, but the truth is that in the USA and globally there are more hate crimes perpetrated against Jews than against Moslems even though Jews make up a far FAR smaller percentage of the population.

CO2phobic climate alarmists subvert the truth to their mission in the same way and for the same reason. (The truth is that global climate has always been changing and CO2 does not determine global climate. Man-made atmospheric CO2 has doubled in the last several decades and the globe is not warmer.)

What accounts for the huge gulf between reality and the opinions of blacks, Moslems, climate alarmists and Leftists?

Are blacks, Moslems, climate alarmists and Leftists ignorant and misinformed?

Well some are of course: the useful idiots.

But most know the truth yet nevertheless willingly and passionately LIE. WHY? They subvert the truth to their mission.

The "emotional motivating force" which empowers their mendacity is simple:

Moslems, Leftists. blacks on the left and climate alarmists are all UTOPIANISTS; they all believe that if the world were only to follow THEIR ideology that the world would become  perfect place, a utopia.

Moslems think utopia is a place where sharia law reigns supreme.

Leftists think utopia is a place where an elite controls the economy via controlling production and distribution, while providing a sexually permissive, cradle-to-grave nannystate - (ironically, one with lots of abortion and euthanasia).

Blacks on the left want race-based guaranteed results for all blacks based on their skin-color and not a system in which blacks - and everyone else - only get what they earn individually based on their individual merit; they don't want equal opportunity; utopia for them is place where they all get whatever they want, not just what they each earn.

Climate Alarmists think that sometime in the not to distant past the entire globe had a stable and perfect climate, and that if they are given control over the economy and production and distribution that they can restore the global climate to this perfect state.

When you think you can bring about a utopia, then of course you are willing to lie. 

And commit genocide.

The burning desire to bring about a utopia ignites a hatred for anyone and anything that gets in the way.

Hatred for truth.

Hatred for people.

The enemy of humanity is the idea that humans can perfect life.

The solution is simple:

Humanity must simply acknowledge that only the Creator is perfect.

We can strive toward Him and toward universal and eternal truth and beauty, but we cannot make it a reality for all; it is a life-goal one chooses to pursue individually and not a political ideology to be implemented under a coercive threat.

ALL people who seek to inflict their version of utopia on other people are evil.

The human soul cannot ever truly move toward perfection via coercion or deception.

Climate alarmism, leftism and islamism - and the race-hustlers - routinely use and routinely applaud both deception and coercion or the threat of coercion

They are evil.

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