Sunday, August 10, 2014


BBC reported how UK women living in the UAE have been victims of sharia, losing custody of their children:
UAE personal status law provides expatriates, even if they are not Muslim, with the right to have their case heard under the Islamic law.

It comes after a British mother lost custody of her son to her French ex-husband following a Sharia hearing.

In February, Afsana Lachaux was given a suspended prison sentence in Dubai.

Sharia is Islam's legal system and acts as a code for living to which all Muslims should adhere.

Ms Lachaux, from London, was found guilty of kidnap charges for failing to attend an access meeting between her son and her ex-husband.

'Bad mother'

The 46-year-old claims she was scared - having been the victim of domestic abuse, which her former partner strongly denies.

She told the BBC's Asian Network had she known Sharia law could be used by non-Muslims in court cases to decide divorce and child custody, she would not have moved to the UAE.

"The fact that I didn't obey my husband, that shouldn't be a matter to condemn… it shouldn't be a reason to take my child away from me," she explained.
Of course not, but that's the rule under sharia - mother cannot have full custody of child. And the courts there are all too obviously willing to apply the same for non-Muslims who exploit it too.
Tess Lorrigan, from Southampton, also lost custody of her adopted daughter, Olianne, in a Sharia court.

She was deported from the UAE in 2011 having been convicted of working without her British husband's permission.

Her now ex-husband was found guilty of assaulting her, but was able to put a travel ban on their daughter.

"When I went there as a single person I had my own sponsorship. But then things change dramatically once you're married," Ms Lorrigan explained.

"I never dreamed that a British man would turn around and start abusing the so-called power he now had over me," she added.

Her ex-husband Michael got custody because under Islamic law in the UAE, the man is the main sponsor of children, including those adopted.
It's not just in the UAE where this applies. It's in practically every and any regime where sharia reigns. But how could she think a man couldn't turn evil just because he was of the same background as her? That's stupid. The UK has a long record of dark situations spawning from it, and this is just one of those examples.

What do most Brits find great about the UAE anyway? I'd think it's too blazing hot under the sun there as it is, so it'd be better not to bother going there.

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