Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The Arabic MK Hanin Zoabi from the Balad party has once again come out in favor of evil, and attacked an Arab Israeli relative of hers who supports rescue of the hostages:
MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) argued that the three kidnappers responsible for the abduction of three teenage yeshiva students are "not terrorists" on Radio Tel Aviv Tuesday morning, in an inflammatory interview which also saw her denigrate Arab Zionist and distant relative Mohammed Zoabi.

Mohammed Zoabi, 17, courageously made a viral video showing support for the kidnapped boys, a move which garnered him both Israeli commendation and several death threats from within his Nazareth hometown.

MK Zoabi initially denied that she knew the brave teenager well during Tuesday's radio interview, but then proceeded to insult him based on what she did know.

"He's from a divorced family," she sniffed. "His mother now lives in Nazareth Illit, where he studies at a Jewish school."

"He's sleazy," she continued. "He's distorted his identity."

Zoabi then claimed that, in her "humble opinion," the kidnappers are not terrorists. [...]

Interviewer Sharon Gal was shocked at the justification.

"An Israeli MK, with these words, explicitly justifies the kidnapping of Israeli children," Gal stated. "I am surprised that a woman like you can still move freely around here, that is what surprises me."
Me too. But I can figure one reason why - the supreme court is protecting people like her. Even the Labor party's leader Yitzchak Herzog condemned her for such obscenities.

There's also news about the young man who was threatened for his defense of the yeshiva students:
An Arab-Israeli teen from Umm al-Fahm filed a complaint with police, saying he received death threats for his public show of support for the return of the three kidnapped yeshiva students, Israel Radio reported.

The 17-year-old posted a photograph of himself on Facebook holding an Israeli flag and a sign reading "Bring Back Our Boys" with a Star of David underneath.

The boy said he received anonymous phone calls from people calling him a "traitor" and threatening to kill him. Umm el-Fahm police opened an investigation into the incident.
Not only that, it turns out some relatives wanted to kidnap him:
Israel Today reported yesterday that three family members of Nazareth teenager Mohammad Zoabi had been arrested after joining numerous others in threatening the youth for his public condemnation of the abduction of three Israeli yeshiva students.

It turns out that those three family members intended to abduct Mohammad himself, and spirit him away to the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jenin, and there harm him.
That is utterly abominable, and they should be punished severely for what they planned to do.

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