Thursday, June 19, 2014


Yated Ne'eman, which I think is owned by the UTJ party, has trivialized the seriousness of the yeshiva student kidnappings by blaming it on the goverment's army recruitment for Haredis:
An ultra-Orthodox newspaper has asserted that the kidnapping of three Israeli youths by terrorists was a punishment from God for the government’s enactment of legislation that would see a larger number of Haredi yeshiva students inducted into the army.

The Yated Ne’eman daily, considered a mouthpiece for the Israeli ultra-Orthodox community of Lithuanian descent, made the connection between the universal draft law and the West Bank abductions in an editorial published on Wednesday.

Describing ultra-Orthodox students as “soldiers” whose service consists of studying Torah at yeshivas (“bases”), the editorial condemned the national draft for disrupting ultra-Orthodox life.

“When the government tries to execute the systematic kidnapping of Torah students from their places of learning, when it tries to kidnap soldiers from their bases and to diminish the only army that truly protects [Israel], the land’s stomach churns and it wants to vomit them out,” the editorial said.

Although the author admitted that God works in mysterious ways that “we cannot calculate,” it was unequivocal in blaming the government for bringing disaster on the country.
Sounds like they're pinning the blame where it doesn't belong, and trivializing the dangers of Islamofascism. This is disgusting, and nothing more than another attempt by the Haredi leadership to scapegoat all the wrong sources for their alleged problems.

They're not the only ones who've embarrassed themselves. Rabbi Dov Lior, himself a Haredi and the chief rabbi for Hebron, also sought to pin the blame on the wrong sources:
Separately, the hardline rabbi of the Kiryat Araba settlement, Dov Lior, also suggested that offense to religious traditions may be the reason for God having afflicted Israel with the kidnappings.

In a letter posted to his Facebook page on Wednesday, Lior wrote that Israelis should contemplate how their slackening religious observance brought punishment upon the nation. He also accused the government of enacting policies that led to the kidnapping.

“To our chagrin, we have been witnessing a serious deterioration in the government’s attitude toward the state’s Jewish character,” he said. “There is an barrage of laws whose common denominator is to damage and chip away at the Jewish character of our public life.”

Lior went on to allege that laws “that harm the structure of the family unit” or aim to reform the process of converting to Judaism were part of a deliberate attempt “to obfuscate the uniqueness of the Jewish nation and turn it into [a nation] like all the gentiles.”
Oh for heaven's sake! While laws that could be unfair to family values are insulting, the threat of the Koran's influence is too. It's the influence of Islam that led to these kidnappings, and so long as it's not confronted seriously, it will continue to guarantee more. I'm beginning to figure these rabbis have no courage to condemn Islamofascism as the root cause of these tragedies, and can only point at easy targets.

Another rabbi criticized the above idiots and said the following:
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, a yeshiva dean and national religious leader, criticized the sentiment behind the editorial in an interview on the haredi radio station Kol Hai.

“I believe that God is behind all events but I do not understand the chutzpah of people to think they know the thoughts of Heaven and that somehow they are always in the right and what they thought beforehand is true afterward,” Cherlow told radio host Mordechai Lavi.

“The audacity to come and say, “I know how to interpret higher deeds and to say I know what you are doing wrong, and I know why you were punished,”” he continued, “contradicts Jewish law and the relationship between man and his fellow man, and in addition contradicts the framework of faith, because this is the job of a prophet.”
Exactly. A lot of these same rabbis also waste their time attacking the most trivial of issues like a makeshift beach in Jerusalem, and have no understanding why it helps to find enjoyment in life. The very enjoyment the Islamofascists seek to destroy. It's the ummah the Haredis should be worried about, and not how people dress or what they do for leisure.

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