Friday, June 20, 2014


The municipal council of this Australian town has turned to dhimmitude:
The Bendigo Council has approved plans for the city's first mosque, despite fierce opposition from some locals who claim the council has failed to protect them from terrorists.

More than 200 people packed into the public gallery at the central Victorian city's council meeting on Wednesday night.

Most had come to voice their objections to a planning application for the mosque in East Bendigo and police were on hand in case things got out of hand.

During the debate, which lasted more than two hours, councillors were constantly shouted down by the gallery, accused of being liars and not listening to ratepayers.

Opponents said the mosque would bring violence to Bendigo and the city would be overtaken by Sharia law.
And the council are the ones approving it. Not only that, they've perpetuated an example of politicians who flatly refuse to listen to their electorate, and proceed to force unwanted belief systems down everyone's throats no matter what.

There are two councillors who disapprove of the mosque though, and Islam:
CITY of Greater Bendigo councillor Elise Chapman says she does not have a problem with Muslims praying in Bendigo, but could not list a location she deems appropriate for a mosque.

Crs Chapman and Helen Leach objected to the Rowena Street proposal on Wednesday night amid claims from some residents the mosque would overthrow the Australian Constitution, increase violence in the region and see an influx of Islam believers "descend" on Bendigo.

Cr Chapman said she had based her opposition on planning matters, but "understood" concerns some women held about the safety of "our daughters and granddaughters".

"(I live 20 kilometres from the mosque) but if I lived next door, and given what you see in the media, maybe I would be (concerned about safety)," she said.

"People have a right to object."

Crs Chapman and Leach noted concerns surrounding a lack of community consultation, traffic and carparking at the site, as well as the future of the Bendigo Airport.
This sounds very typical of politicians with repellent mindsets who couldn't care less what their public thinks about their MO, which is apparently favorable to babaric beliefs.

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