Friday, June 20, 2014


It's not just Syria where jihadists from the western world are going. Iraq is another place they're headed for, as the local jihadists begin their trade anew, and people are rightly concerned it could find its way back to Australia too:
A NOTORIOUS convicted terrorist from western Sydney who fled Australia under a false passport last year has been identified among militant fighters now laying a bloody siege to Iraq, intelligence sources have confirmed.

Khaled Sharrouf, who spent almost four years in prison for his part in plotting a terrorist attack in Sydney, has posted photos on a private Facebook page under a new assumed name, boasting to friends back in Australia that he had joined the murderous Sunni uprising in Iraq.

An intelligence source told The Daily Telegraph that they were “deeply disturbed” by the development, claiming that highly trained jihadists from Australia now posed a serious national security threat if they managed to slip back into the country.

They also confirmed that Australia had emerged as one of the leading source countries – relative to its population – for jihadist recruits to the war torn region.

Intelligence sources confirmed the authenticity of material showing Sharrouf posing with military equipment in Iraq, as the militant group ISIL continued its rampage through the war torn country, reaching towns only 45 minutes from the capital Baghdad.

It is believed Sharrouf, who slipped under the radar when he was released from prison in 2009, had crossed the border from Syria some days ago, after having snuck out of Australia at 9.11am on December 6 last year on a Garuda flight to Indonesia, using his brother Mustafa’s passport.

Customs and border protection officials in Australia are believed to have now been put on high alert for up to 50 known Australians now fighting in Syria or Iraq itself — and whose passports have been cancelled — attempting to return to Australia.

The previous government had last year cancelled 18 passports of Australians known to have joined terrorist cells or opposition forces fighting in Syria to overthrow the government.

But the Daily Telegraph can reveal that up to April 30 this year a further 40 Australian citizens have had their passports cancelled under the Abbott Government, with ASIO warning of the potential for terrorism on Australian soil should they be allowed to return to Australia.
Just like they should not be allowed back into Europe, they should also not be allowed back into Australia. But, they could try to sneak in under false names and over borderlines not well guarded, so a sharp eye will have to be kept in case they try.

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