Friday, May 30, 2014


Breitbart London brought up the UK's obsession with turning London into a sharia finance capitol:
For the United Kingdom, which is already struggling with no-go zones, numerous counts of domestic Islamist terrorism, and growing tension between its Muslim and non-Muslim populations, one has to ask whether strengthening Muslim identity as something apart from British identity is not a recipe for disaster.

A second concern with sharia finance is that it has been a proven source of direct financial assistance to those fighting for Islam. In order to be deemed sharia compliant, a financial institution must pay zakat (tithing): they must contribute an amount that is typically cited as 2.5% of gross​, although it can also be more. According to the Qu’ran (9:60), recipients of zakat include the poor, the needy, those who serve the needy, and to free the slaves, but recipients also include “those who fight in the way of Allah”; “people engaged in Islamic military operations for whom no salary has been allotted in the army, or volunteers for jihad without remuneration.” (Reliance of the Traveler, The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law).
Oh, it's a recipe for disaster alright. But what slaves do they mean exactly? The Muslims themselves? After all, this is a religion that's built upon slavemongering and there's Muslims out there who've kept slaves as house servants.

What is clear is that Koranic verse 9:60 is a belief in welfare and socialism, and much of that could also be used to fund abusive Muslims who don't deserve the dough.

At the end, they warn:
...one has to ask what other legacy sharia finance will leave for London and whether that is a legacy that the United Kingdom can survive. ​And where the UK goes, the US may soon follow. Already there are 26 states in the US where one can acquire a sharia-compliant mortgage​. Such developments may be used by those committed to Islamic theocracy​ ​to undermine our democratic systems.
That's exactly why champions of freedom need to confront this serious case in the USA just as much as in the UK.

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