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I really ought to be more careful when I say Comics Should Be Good is the only part of CBR that impresses me, because the following, sensationalized review of Marvel's Muslim propaganda puts a big stain on that section too, and the worst part is that a woman is the one doing the fawning here:
The biggest surprise of the group, for me, is Ms. Marvel, which is a book that has lit people on absolute fire, and with good reason. Obviously as the story of a young woman of color—and with the especially underrepresented Muslim faith (not to mention Pakistani American background) – this books helps fill a huge gap in our current superhero comics. But filling a gap doesn’t matter if you’re not actually good. Fortunately for all of us, Ms. Marvel is all caps GOOD. It’s smart and appropriately sweet, gloriously superheroic and inspiring. It’s also a wonderfully organic origin story (and I DO get sick of origin stories especially when they’re rehashes or retcons of characters we already know) but Kamala’s tale is both perfectly universal and relatable and also unique to her.
Oh yes, we all know how "organic" it is by now, don't we? As the news involving the Original Sin crossover's noted, they're tying the character's would-be origin in with the Inhumans. And while Pakistani background itself is fine and welcome, the Muslim background is not, and I say this for the same reasons I would frown if they decided to conceive a protagonist who's a Scientologist or sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan mentality.

One of the commentors to this article said the series would eventually be cancelled because it stars a character nobody's ever heard of. No, that's not why it'll be cancelled in time. It's because it forces the Religion of Peace onto the main star as her belief system, and down the readers' throats. If they'd avoided ideology, it'd be much easier to accept the book on its own terms.

Most galling, as mentioned before, is that a woman is the one here to gush over the book, all without doing any research about Islam and the Koran, and does a serious disservice to women as a result. This kind of propaganda only embarrasses the CSBG section, where the better items are usually history based for mainstream products.

Update: I recalled seeing a review of How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less by the same writer from nearly 4 years ago, and it tells another eyebrow raiser about the same person:
Godless heathen that I am, Sarah Glidden’s How To Understand Israel In 60 Days Or Less appealed greatly, because despite being an aforementioned godless heathen, I definitely WANT to understand Israel, and I think as an atheist I’m sometimes at an even bigger disadvantage than those that have a better understanding and perhaps relation to or with religion and the conflicts that sometimes come with it.
Well I'm afraid she is at a disadvantage if she relies solely on a graphic novel like that. Later on, however, an Israeli soldier came along and posted the following comment:
As a current Israeli solider I can tell you this book is merely for people starting to learn about israel but also has lots of inaccuracies and teaches you very little about israel and the conflict. In the book Sarah Glidden will make claims of things that if asked she can never ever back up.

Also These posts recently that some people have written like israeli soldiers have forced people into a house and then burned them alive is not true and a complete lie. If anyone actually believes that happened they are idiots.

Also to “Anti-Zionist” the arabs rejected the partition plan so all of your whole point is moot. Even you knew anything about israeli arabs today you would know they hope there never will be a palestinian state because they are afraid of losing their freedom and most likely breaking any laws would result in death as the PA puts anyone to death for just selling any land/home to a jew.

Forcing Women to give birth on the streets that’s a laugh, I’ve personally guarded at checkpoints and have never seen that happen. There are procedures for people who need to get by and people who need a hospital are cared to first and foremost. There is a check on ambulances because more than plenty of times in the past terrorists have tried to sneak in pretending to be injured. Have put weapons in ambulances to get through with someone injured and soforth. Even when these things are found the person who is injured and needs help is still cared to by israeli soldiers and sent to a hospital. If the arabs don’t like the checkpoint they have Hamas and the PA to blame not israel.

Also if you think hamas doesn’t abuse women than you know nothing of hamas. Hamas also puts gays to death. Will stone a woman if she is dressed “improperly” a women can be put to death for pretty much almost anything under hamas rule. I have yet to see my country every put a women to death. In fact we have used the death penalty once.

Women, arabs, blacks, christians, muslims, and so on and so forth all have the same rights as jews and israeli’s.

I’m not going to bother with alot of the other stuff because I just wanted to address the really really absurd things I read. Then again I didn’t read all the comments and just a few but enough to know that alot of americans don’t know anything about israel.
As I figured, the graphic novel was bad enough, and the panels where Glidden uses the f-bomb are just the icing on the cake. What does CSBG's contributor see in such a manure-mobile then?

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