Monday, March 17, 2014


Frosty Woolridge lets us know that the prophecy of James Walsh is coming true:
“Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct fasade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today,” said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. “They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands? Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system. Balkanization of the United States has begun.”

Walsh made that statement 20 years ago. He saw it coming. No one responded. Only 100,000 Muslims inhabited America in 1990. Today, over 7,000,000 (million) Muslims in America continue their onslaught to change our country into their country. [...]

Sharia compliant squads grow in America:

Detroit, Michigan houses over 400,000 Muslims in 2014. During the public comment time at the Dearborn, Michigan city council meeting this month, a Muslim stood to demand that the city institute Sharia patrols to keep young people out of parks and to prevent the sale of “offensive” magazines in stores.

Mr. Hassan took his place in line during the public comments and chanted Islamic prayers. He demanded that the city begin patrols of the parks because people used them for “sexual activities.” (Example: kissing)

As reported, “Hassan also stated that there were magazines and newspapers at the public libraries and civic center that can cause colossal damage to a child’s health, asking the city to review and monitor literature before they are distributed.”

Mr. Hassan demanded Sharia compliant patrols to prevent people from using parks and he wants the city to perpetrate Sharia compliant censorship at libraries.

He wants Americans to suspend their First Amendment rights in order to engage his “Sharia Law” from his native Saudi Arabia, one of the most brutal dictatorships of the Middle East. What he escaped in his own country, he wants instituted in our country.
This could only have been expected, as the USA loses its beliefs and morals to the tragedy of multiculturalism, and it took place right in the neighborhood once dominated by bigoted socialist Henry Ford. And who knows if there'll be any opposition to this horror?

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