Thursday, March 06, 2014


A horrifying jihad assault at a Chinese train station proves that Islamofascism is a very real threat there too:
No one at the railway station in Kunming noticed the men and women wearing black until they drew their knives and began slashing throats.

Working together, according to Chinese witnesses, the group seemed well-trained: they knew exactly where to stab and cut.

By the time Chinese police reacted, shooting four as the rest of the group dissolved into the darkness, 29 people were dead and more than 130 injured.

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for last Saturday's attack. But some fear it may be the start of a new cycle of violence as China becomes a target for radicals trained or influenced by Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The state media called the attack "China's 9-11": the moment when Islamic terrorists began to target Chinese civilians.

The authorities have suggested that ethnic Uighurs are responsible, whose homeland is the north western frontier region of Xinjiang.

Since the 1980s, when large numbers of Han Chinese began moving into Xinjiang, the authorities have battled a small but determined independence movement.

Local Muslim Uighurs, angry at becoming second-class citizens in their homeland, have regularly launched attacks on the Chinese authorities, occasionally calling for their own state: East Turkestan.
And here's where the article slips into an obfuscation: "their homeland"? Xinjiang is part of China, much like Pakistan is really a part of India, so that's a disgusting lie on the Telegraph's part. Those Uighurs do not deserve a state of their own any more than the far more fictional "palestinians".

What happened was repulsive, and I'd even add that it makes ninjas/kunoichis look worse than they were during the Japanese civil war era, assuming the perpetrators were dressing up in such guises. (And I think there were some ninjas/kunoichis in China and other Asian countries in the middle ages too, not just Japan.)

Reuters reports that the jihadists wanted to carry out their evil abroad too, and it's possible they did plan on joining other jihadists like al Qaeda overseas. The UK Guardian has more.

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