Saturday, March 22, 2014


The UK Telegraph reports that the IDF's discovered a huge tunnel used by jihadists for smuggling and attacks:
The Israeli army claimed it had discovered a highly sophisticated "terror" tunnel leading from Gaza into southern Israel on Friday, raising the possibility of further military operations against the coastal enclave just a week after an outbreak of violent clashes.

Military officials said the tunnel - dug more than 65 feet underground at its deepest point - was the largest and most advanced ever found and designed to smuggle Palestinian militants into Israel to carry out attacks against civilians or kidnap soldiers.

It was the fourth such tunnel to be found in the past 18 months following the discovery of three underground conduits in 2013, according to the Israeli military, which issued pictures and video footage to illustrate its latest find.

Two decades ago Israel erected a large steel and concrete barrier along its entire border with Gaza.

The discovery of the tunnel came a week after the most severe clashes between Israel and militant groups in the tiny coastal strip in 16 months. A wave of rocket attacks launched by Islamic Jihad and other groups into Israel was met by a series of Israeli strikes on militant targets before a reported ceasefire - said to have been brokered by Egypt - restored calm.
Note the use of quotations on terror, however, a telling sign of the journalist's apparent contempt.

It's good they found the tunnel, and now, I expect they'll be wrecking it so it'll no longer be usable.

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