Tuesday, March 11, 2014


More good news: the mother and her infant child from the Islamized Haredi cult have been located and brought back to Canada via Calgary, Alberta:
CALGARY - Media reports say two more children belonging to a fringe Jewish sect will be placed in the care of children's aid after being stopped at Calgary International Airport.

Published reports say a 17-year-old girl and her infant daughter — both members of Lev Tahor —were met by police Sunday afternoon and will be returned to Ontario at an unspecified time.
I'm disappointed if the girl fled rather than be relocated to better living quarters, and wouldn't consider her child's welfare. They do not belong in that cult and the mother needs to be reeducated to understand why Lev Tahor is bad for both her and the infant girl. Thank goodness they too have been found.

In related news, Bnai Brith denounced Lev Tahor's use of Holocaust symbols as offensive:
Under the Nazis, the yellow Star of David marked Jews for death.

Now, a runaway Jewish sect that's been ducking the law and trying to stay ahead of child-welfare authorities seizing its kids, is trading on the Holocaust -- using the same yellow badge to symbolize the persecution it insists it's subjected to.

The latest move by the ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor sect, which fled Quebec for Chatham last fall amid allegations of child abuse and neglect, is "inappropriate" and "offensive," some Jewish academics and organizations said Monday.

"They are not being persecuted and brought to death," said Alain Goldschlager, director of the Holocaust Literature Research Institute at Western University.

The Nazis forced Jews to wear the yellow ID badges as they singled them out for extermination in the death camps.

Lev Tahor is misusing that symbolism, Goldschlager said.

B'nai Brith Canada said using such imagery to cast Lev Tahor members as victims is "unacceptable."

"In a nutshell, it's offensive," said Anita Bromberg, the Jewish organization's national director of legal affairs.

"If they've got concerns about the way they're being treated, then they should raise it. But to use such imagery is unacceptable," she said.

"It so understates what the horrors of the Holocaust were, where kids were dragged out of their parents' arms and killed in front of them. Here, authorities -- you can have a dispute about what they're doing -- but the child-welfare officials have a job to do and that's to make sure the kids are well cared for... That's not Nazi behaviour by any means."
This isn't the first time Haredi extremists exploited nazi tactics for pushing their own agendas. Almost 3 years ago, Haredi moonbats over here dressed up children in concentration camp outfits for a victimology show. Lev Tahor's turning to the same. The very cult that sees even Jews as enemies.

It's about time they were shut down and their members taken to a psychologist.

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