Saturday, February 01, 2014


The Haredi paper owned by the United Torah Judaism party is going the blame-game route against the country giving it the freedom to criticize it:
The editors of an ultra-Orthodox daily newspaper on Thursday accused the State of Israel of encouraging anti-Semitism throughout the world, claiming that lax religious adherence in the nation and “harassment” of the Haredi community were to blame.

The editorial in Yated Ne’eman, the most widely read daily paper among Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community, stated that a wave of anti-Semitism was washing over the world and pegged the blame on the founders of the state, who “hoped that the established state would solve the problem of anti-Semitism. They sought to save the bodies at the cost of forsaking the souls.”

The piece went on to proclaim that Israel had become the problem, causing Jewish suffering throughout the world. It then cited a lack of religious devotion among Israelis, rising assimilation and ill treatment of Torah scholars as reasons for an increase in anti-Semitic incidents.
They never miss an opportunity to pin the blame solely on the country that's given them shelter from what they supposedly fear, do they? One of the commentors said:
This is just more "Haredi hysteria", lacking ANY basis in fact, and COMPLETELY ignoring the history of the continuing persecution and murder of Jews, LONG BEFORE the restoration of Israel. These editors stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the truth.
And another said:
So how does Yated Ne'eman explain the dozen centuries of Antisemitism before Herzl's Basle Conference???
And much of it took place outside of Israel, in places like England, Morocco, Yemen, Spain, etc. This is all just another form of vindictive reaction to army recruitment, I'd figure. Again, we have a case of Haredi fools disinterested in figuring out how to get foreign education systems changed for improvement, which could help tremendously in combatting anti-semitism.

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