Thursday, February 27, 2014


... and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A comment, brimming over with wisdom, from "BuchWheat":
Infinite money enables infinite government. For a variety of reasons we must remove from government the power to create money out of thin air by which it: 
1) puts us all in debt serfdom to pay the interest; 
2) diminishes the purchasing power of the money we have saved; 
3) buys votes with constituency groups that become dependent "benefits" that compete against paying jobs at the lower skill levels; 
4)is able to finance going to war even when citizens would not vote to pay additional taxes to support it; 
5) is able to pay massive amounts of foreign aid to support tyrants elsewhere and buy favors that are never returned in kind. 
When states start calling for a Convention to consider amendments to the Constitution, the first topic must be to restrain federal spending. A government that must live within its means is a government that must focus on the important things and leave the Utopian dreams unfulfilled.  
Every day more people are coming to the judgment that a carefully organized effort to repair the constitution via the States' power to propose and ratify amendments has less risk to our liberty and prosperity than the present trajectory of the federal government.

And, I wanted to point out that, threaded through the ideas in BuckWheat's comment is this:

The ability to print money ad infinitum is the ability to clandestinely tax the people ad infinitum.

Every dollar printed is a hidden tax on the people.

When everyone realizes this truth, the tax will no longer be hidden.

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