Monday, January 13, 2014

Why Is The Federal Government Investigating Chris Christie for Misappropriating Hurricane Relief Funds? Obama and Christie Private Chat Revealed Here For The First Time

Feds investigating Christie's use of Sandy relief funds

Private chat between Obama and Christie, November 2012

Obama: Now Chris, you're gonna have to do a lot of reparin' on these roads and these people's homes. Get 'em back on their feet.

Christie: Yeah, that's a good idea, Mr. Obamaman. May I please have another lick on your ice cream cone, there, sir? Thank you so much.

Obama: And as soon as they can stand on their feet again, their gonna need to get back to work. Now, you'll want to keep this on the downlow, but this money I'm givin' you can help.

Christie: Yes. yes, on the downlow! Back to work!

Obama: You're gon' need to get this economy goin' again. Maybe get some tourists in here spending money to help get all these great people of New Jersey some money in their pockets.

Christie: Another lick, please.

Obama: Maybe put some ads for Jersey tourism on the TV. 

Christie: Yes, good idea, master. That's why you'll be re-elected for sure.


northern seer said...

Obama: "That's not my ice cream your licking..."

Reliapundit said...

obama n co played him

Reliapundit said...

like the media played mccain in 08

Pastorius said...


They set him up and knocked him down.