Tuesday, January 07, 2014


The big bad basic blood lie the left tells about the right is that the right hates poor people and non-whites.

The left tells and retells this lie in many different ways.

Critics of Obama's policies are called racists. Critics of raising the minimum wage or raising taxes on the wealthy are called racists - who hate the poor and love the rich. If you defend the 2nd Amendment - and stand your ground laws (which are disproportionately used in court by non-whites defending themselves), then according to the left you're a sociopathic racist, (who also likes mass shootings and the bloodthirsty targeting of young, innocent black males). If you favor pregnancies going full term and unwanted pregnancies ending with adoption instead of abortion, then - despite the fact that this would disproportionately save more non-white lives - according to the left you are a female hating racist.

All this is total bullshit.

Advocating smaller and more limited government, the right of self-defense, less abortion and lower taxes benefits the poor, non-whites and underclass more than dependency on the largesse of politicians. The Great Society failed. Moynihan saw this 50 years ago; it is just as true now.

That's why these attacks by the left against the right are blood lies; they are lies intended to turn people viscerally against the right - and their own interests.

Sadly, many non-whites and many in the underclass believe these blood lies and end up supporting the policies of the left which has actually been doing them great harm.

Well, not all of them: the professional race-baiters, the crooked politicians and their cronies and the government unions do very very very well.

I wish blacks and latinos and the union members would wake up - see the blood lies for what they are - and simply vote their interests

If they did, then the GOP would win resounding victories and this nation of the machine, by the machine and for the machine would perish from the earth.

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