Saturday, January 04, 2014


RS McCain has this great post linking to this radical feminist.

I have a few thoughts:

She argues that sexual intercourse is evil, bad and wrong because the first experience is almost always painful for the female and because it can result in an unwanted pregnancy which - if allowed to go to term - will also be painful.

Pain somehow proves to her twisted postmodern satisfaction that the act is intrinsically bad, evil, wrong.

Sexual intercourse is PIV to her: penis in vagina - and it is ALWAYS rape.


What about love itself? It is almost always entwined with pain as we are almost always disappointed or hurt by those we love. Should we therefore avoid love, call love evil, bad, wrong? When someone we love dies, it is painful. When they are hurting, we suffer. Should therefore we avoid love?

When we struggle to improve our bodies or our minds, we often feel pain - muscle pain, eye strain, headaches. Should we therefore call all exertion evil and wrong and bad?

Creating a world without pain - sexual pain or love pain - might seem to misguided postmodernists like the radical feminist to lead to a utopia, to heaven in earth, but it would only lead to a dystopia, which makes it very much like the other misguided utopianist dreams of the left, dreams of eliminating poverty by having the state enforcing equal outcomes and setting prices, dreams of stabilizing the climate - (as if it was ever stable! as if the climate circa 1992, for example, was "perfect" and any weather which deviates from that is evil, bad , wrong), dreams of having an egalitarian international order in which all nations and cultures have n equal say - (except for Israel of course!).

Each of the "dreams" are as fantasistical as the radical feminist's sexual dream of a world with just women and no "PIV". (Postmodern leftism is a fantasist ideology - like islamism.)

A world built on any of these "dreams" will inevitably be a dystopian nightmare. Though capitalism and the freemarket may seem to the postmodern leftist to be merely a chaotic mess driven by selfishness and greed, it remains - nevertheless - the system which has improved the lives of more people more quickly than anything else in all human history. Economic outcomes will always vary and there will always be some losers and some losses and some relative poverty - but the lives that the bottom 15% live now is infinitely better than the lives of the bottom 15% a century ago. And of course, climate change is natural.

It would be silly except for the fact that the most important acculturating institutions in our civilization - the academy and the mass media - are dominated by postmodern leftists who basically subscribe to the dystopianistic "dreams" and a brainwashing millions of people to believe in the utopias they promise.

Even to the extent that they call islamo-terrorists "freedom fighters", blame the fact that a ship got stuck in the summer ice of Antarctica on global warming, desire a single-payer healthcare system in the USA despite the fact that such systems in Europe get worse results and are unaffordable.

And so on.

What is so effing sad is that because they now dominate the political scene, they're able to inflict their dystopias on us all -and we are all suffering mire as a result.

We can halt this slide into dystopia in November of 2014.

In fact, it's November or never.


Lionel said...

Al Franken has a joke on this topic. A radial feminist tells him all heterosexual sex is rape. He muses about this, thinking back on all the feminists he has known, and in all that time, he only met one feminist woman who thought all heterosexual sex was rape – and he'd been married to her for 28 years.

Pastorius said...

I thought Al Franken was gay. Learn something new every day.