Thursday, January 16, 2014


They sent some letters to the Toronto Star which may or may not be written by the children in their sick grasp:
Three of the children at the heart of a case involving the removal of 14 kids from the controversial Lev Tahor sect have spoken out for the first time, in two handwritten letters sent to the Toronto Star.

The letters mark the first time children or parents who are the subject of the action have spoken publicly. A 17-year-old, who has an infant daughter herself, sent scans of letters handwritten by herself and two other children, expressing their fear and confusion about the ongoing litigation surrounding their families.

“When children are removed from their parents, it is because they are in danger. But my daughter and siblings are in no danger at all! How will the damage ever be able to be corrected should this ever happen? My heart’s cry must be heard,” the 17-year-old mother wrote in the five-page note.
I have no doubt their pervert cult leader was behind this. It's terrible that these poor children are being exploited psychologically to bawl to the press about being victims of outside "persecution" rather than the inside persecution. As the Montreal Gazette's noted, the children in the cult are forced to take drugs, and some of those could be used to influence them psychologically. This is abuse at its worst.

The Toronto Star's published the testimony of a former member who was lucky to escape with his wife. There's a legitimate fear the Quebec authorities have that the cult might commit mass suicide, children included, one more reason why they must be stopped.

Update: CBC reports that the children are taught to fear the outer world:
At the November youth court hearing, several social workers described a cult-like atmosphere where members were isolated from the greater community and tightly controlled by the group’s leadership.

“Those children are afraid of the outside world,” one social worker told the youth court.

“Children confirmed to us that they are afraid of burning in hell if, for example, they are not modest enough.”
I've heard over the past 2 decades of at least a few stories like this, where cultish religious demagogues teach people they'll "burn in hell" if they don't conform to certain standards of dress, rather than certain standards of morale in how they treat the fellow human beings. It's disgusting in the extreme.

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