Sunday, January 12, 2014


Drew Zhan wrote about the expenses the trial of Nidal Hasan cost, and that apparently includes the Fort Hood jihadist's constant complaints in prison:
While sitting in jail awaiting his death sentence, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan has been a major pain in the American taxpayer’s pocketbook and nearly an equal pain in his jailor’s neck.

An investigation into Hasan’s jail time revealed the U.S. government spent millions of dollars on unique security measures and privileges for the mass murderer, yet a long record of the inmate’s obstinate behavior has prompted exasperated jail officials to tell him, “You’re a grown man, act like it.”

Official records from Hasan’s 3-year stint at Bell County Jail in Texas, for example, reveal the inmate sent frequent complaints and demands to his jailors, insisted the temperature of his cell be kept at 70 degrees, asked for a thermometer to monitor it, harassed his caregivers and during one episode even began defecating in his trash can instead of the bathroom. [...]

In addition, the Bell County Sheriff’s Office was paid nearly $650,000 to house Hasan, and in return, official records reveal, Hasan filled his jailors’ lives with nearly incessant grief.

For example, on April 15, 2010, Hassan demanded a clock so he could roll over every two hours to avoid bed sores, visits from an imam and the temperature held at no less than 70 degrees.

A jail officer responded that the medical staff would ensure he did not suffer bed sores, that a Sgt. Alexander and Hasan’s own doctor had confirmed the cell’s temperature between 70 and 74 degrees, and that the local Muslim community had been contacted to see if someone would visit.

Hasan filed a repeat request on April 19, complaining of the cold, no clock and no visits from an imam – and when on April 24 his demands had not been met, the inmate began defecating in his cell’s trash can.

“I request that you properly evacuate your bowel,” the officer handling Hasan’s requests responded. “You know how to do it properly, and now after 19 days, you want to do it improperly. This has nothing to do with my staff. Do what you are supposed to do, Major Hasan.”

Nonetheless, Hasan’s complaints kept pouring in, sometimes more than once daily.

On April 27, the officer replied regarding Hasan’s demand for an imam visit: “I cannot make anyone come to you who does not want to. I am not responsible for providing you with an imam. I simply can’t deny you access should one want to see you. Apparently, they don’t.”

Yet, by Hasan’s own admission, he continued using the trash can instead of his bathroom.

On April 28, the jail officer replied, “You were not denied the ability to [use the bathroom]. You refused because you wanted to do things your way. … You are not going to use a garbage can in this jail. Do as you were instructed. You’re a grown man. Act like it.”

The next day, Hasan sent a new question: “I request outdoor recreation as often as possible; every day if feasible. Thank you.”

The next month, Hasan began complaining that the jail’s requirement he clean his own sink amounted to a “punishment attitude” that “is going to ultimately hurt me.”

Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times in the Fort Hood attack, told KXAS-TV he’s not concerned about Hasan’s comfort in jail. He just wishes the Army would put more money and effort into helping the victims recover, some of whom are still struggling financially and emotionally.
I fully agree on that. Why was Hasan paid and didn't have his accounts frozen, so he couldn't give all that money to charities we can probably guess are like?

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