Friday, January 31, 2014


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The Left's accusation of racism of the right has increased racial tensions, not lessened them.

The Left's race-baiting has been incredibly divisive.

It's a Pyrrhic strategy.

They don't care what they do to the nation as long as they and their cronies gain power and wealth. 

They only portray themselves as guardians of racial equality and of the Earth's climate in order to gain and hold the power necessary to loot the nation of its wealth.

If they burn down the USA in order to achieve this, they don't care.

There's an old Soviet joke about how the Red Ruling Class lives:
After Leonid Brezhnev ascended to power he brought his little old mother to Moscow from the Ukraine where he was born. He showed here his HUGE office in the Kremlin - with paintings from The Hermitage, and a PHONE and crystal chandeliers, and a secretary, and then took her for a ride in his huge LIMOUSINE and showed her his huge apartment - with a maid and a butler and a chef, and then they took a helicopter to his palatial DACHA. After this incredible tour, he asked his mother: "What do you think of your little Leonidchka now, mamma?" "Well," she hesitates, "it's good, Leonid. But what if the Reds come back?"
The Reds who are power now are no different: Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid - and many others in DC, and a whole host of cronies in the so-called "green economy", and the UAW - they've all prospered at the expense of the US taxpayer.

The company that got the NO-BID contract, and botched, the Obamacare website - made HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. COINCIDENTALLY, their key player in the USA was an old friend of Michelle Obama.


I wish people on the left who think that Obama and his comrades are doing a good job would WTFU.

And soon.

We don't have much time to fix the mess we're in.

We can get started this November.

In fact, it's November or never.

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