Thursday, January 16, 2014


I made this image in 2008:

It has been used without attribution by 100+ websites. This has happened with hundreds of the images I have created.

I think that's great!

I don't blog for my ego.

I blog to fight leftism, islamism, statist propaganda - and to generate enthusiasm among others who fight, too. To cheer on conservatives and conservatism.

Other bloggers are more protective of their images. Fine. They put cute little logos on them - (if even if they are based on some non-original image) and then police the internet to find any unattributed use of these semi-original images like image-gestapo - which is ironic since these images are most frequently composed of images they've swiped (usually unattributed - whether they're from AP or whoever) - and then manipulate in some way or another - usually with photoshop.

I guess ego gratification is important to them. VERY.

I don't blog for ego-gratification.

This blog doesn't even have ads.

I blog because I think fighting leftism and islamism - and evil - is important, and de-spinning the news is an important part of the fight. EVERYDAY.

And I believe everyone who is engaged in the fight against these things helps.

Every blogger - even if they use images and ideas and expressions that are sometimes unattributed.

For a while, I used to track how many times BIGTIME bloggers got BIGTIME traffic on news-related items which I had posted on first - very often my post had original commentary which these bigtime bloggers agreed with and offered up in their own way. I did this to promote the blog: I wanted as many potential regular readers of this blog to realize that this blog did not merely follow the pack.

It worked, and when I did that, traffic was higher. I no longer have the time to do that - or a lot of the other things I could do when I had more free time. And traffic is down. C'est la vie.

I did do that to get traffic - to reach more people, but not every blog has to have huge traffic in order for blogging to make a difference.

If each conservative blog can keep even only 1000 people MORE motivated, then it is accomplishing something important in the overall fight.

This blog regularly reaches 2000-3000 people a day and very often many more than that. Especially before elections when it regularly gets 100,000+ views a month.

And the original analysis and original and semi-original paint-shopped images on this blog reaches many more people when they are spread by other blogs - regardless of whether these are attributed or not.

I think that's great, too.

The fight - and not my blog traffic or personal "fame" - is what is important.

In my opinion.

As Pat Condell says: "PEACE."


Pastorius said...

This is a big reason I work with you. IBA does not have ads either, and will not.

Additionally, anything anyone wants to take from me, fine.

The point is to get the word out, not create a career niche and Unionize it.

I'll leave that to the Leftist scum.

Reliapundit said...

glad we agree.